A Toddler’s Christmas Wish

A Two Year Old’s Wish
By Grandma Val, 12/09/2012

“It’s Christmastime!” Layla said.
“I saw Santa. He wears red!”
“What did you ask for, my little dear?”
“What did you whisper in his ear?”
“I want a present!” Was all the little sweetheart had pled.

Such a simple request for Santa to fill,
The unspoiled, innocence of a young child’s will,
She loves “Sesame Street” and “Hello Kitty,”
She draws hearts and flowers, oh so pretty,
Her trusting bright eyes see the goodness in this world still.

So Santa, when you fly with your sleigh full of toys,
For all of this world full of girls and boys,
Who seem to forget,
That it’s not what you get,
But, it’s the gifts from the heart that bring joy!


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