“It’s Complicated!”

Sometimes, a person may ask questions just as a courtesy and to converse.
It really doesn’t mean that person is interested in a detailed explanation of what you are facing in your life today.
In this case, rather than a long drawn-out description, it’s better to reply, “It’s complicated!”
Set boundaries. Don’t feed the “gossip mill,” and, for sure, don’t be an active participant. The gossipers are “turn-coats” and “back-stabbers.”
Some other time and place, a friend may “lend an ear,” and listen more closely and at length, but for now, that person might have enough on his/her “plate” already. That person might be overloaded with day-to-day stresses or crises situations, on or off the job.
Friends eventually “come around” and stand by each-other. A true friend stands by your rights through thick and thin. True friends, unfortunately, are rare. Treasure that person!
Timing is important. Patience, and the ability to listen and support are wonderful assets.
Don’t be a “fixer.” You can throw out ideas if the person is searching, but it is the person’s own duty to choose the solution that best suits his/her situation.
Don’t be a “fault-finder.” Don’t look solely at a person’s deficits. Look for talents, strengths and qualities. Each person has some good.
Remember, it’s not all about you!
I’ve learned the hard way that I cannot be an “open book.”
Some people prey on vulnerability in others to get themselves ahead, especially in the “dog-eat-dog” workplace.
Some people utilize the ideas of others, and claim them as their own for their own advancement and recognition. Watch out and be aware!
Be your own best friend!


“It’s Complicated!”

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