Inter-Galactical Birthday
To Charlee
Grandma brought Charlee a “Princess Leah Angry Bird,”
A character from the “Star Wars Angry Birds Game” of which she had heard,
A pink bag decorated in Saturn-like, polka-dot rings,
With an assortment of goodies, movies, jewelry, and things,
From family and friends, gift-cards, presents, plus $50, and counting, in loot,
From Mom, Dad and Sis, an Internet-Accessible tablet by “Samsung Galaxy” to boot,
A silver-trimmed, tie-dyed swimming suit,
She will be slip-sliding away,
Twisting and turning every which way,
Soaking-wet and watery spray,
An extremely, exciting place she can play,
At a “Mall of America” Water-Park place,
Like riding in a rocket-ship soaring through space,
As Charlee turns eight, she’ll remember this day with a “Galactical” pace.

3/14/2013 By Grmaval



Self-made Man, Revisited

Self-made Man, Revisited

We continued to visit for a time,
And our friendship appeared to grow and climb.
He revealed his challenges as a young adolescent husband and father,
In a shunning society which in those days couldn’t be bothered.
How he met the challenges with commitment, strength and worth,
Following the lives of this three daughters’ births.
He continued to reveal his further challenges in this society of disparity,
Testing for a diploma, diesel tech training, working past charity.
I still admire this man, although our paths have diverged and became separate,
So suddenly, again, with my heart quite unprepared for it.
An unsolved mystery, should he ever try rekindle the embers, I may no longer let my heart be spared for it.

Valerie J. Kolle