Summer Days



I cherish these summer days! Rummage sales, walks, visiting friends, it’s all good! A coworker wanted me to draw fish, so I guess I can! I used India ink and colored pencils and looked at photos. I did some filing, then went “garage sailing!” I bought a glass circle for a table of my daughter-in-law for $2, a Magnavox Blu-ray player for $18, a rattan chair for $5, and a Eureka vacuum for my son for $10. I had fun, then some friends and I shared a few Leinie Summer Beers with Lemon slices. It’s all good!

Perplexed by Text

Sometimes I wish we didn’t text, and talked more. I get tired of reading delayed responses hours or days later. Sometimes, there is no response at all. Emails can be even worse. You may as well send the message “snail mail.”
I just want to talk…at least phone-to-phone if not face-to-face. Why is is such a sacrifice, just to talk? How can a friendship or relationship grow with such stagnant communication?
Someone I know doesn’t text and seldom emails, but he only responds to calls infrequently, on his terms. I hesitate to answer on such controlled circumstances.
I’m just not sure how to handle all this. I’m just frustrated!
Update; No more problem, I just quit playing into his game.

One More Time

One More Time

When some one is gone,
Or, after lingering on,
You wish for…
One more time.

One more time…
To pray,
To say what you had hoped to say,
That could have helped them, perhaps, to stay.

Relationship break-ups,
People passing away,
People moving, or going far astray.

Just, one more time.