I wrote a poem for a former coworker who gave a talk in Sept. at a funeral, and she reminded me that she still wanted me to write a poem for her;

Ok, Shelley, here is your promised poem,
While we’re still in our fifties & I’m hoping…a long way from “home.”

When I first met you, I thought, “How can anyone be born with such looks, and a heart-warming smile,
Who’s read books, sings, and carries herself with such gifted talents and style,
Be so genuine and un-conceited?”
You always went the extra mile,
For your family, friends & clients,
No matter what the trial was to be treated,
Or what challenge to be reconciled was needed,
You have outstanding elocution and insightful judgement while
making your choices,
We listen to and respect you and your opinions as you speak up for all of us and our voices.
You have so much to be proud of,
Yet pride never stood in front of…
Your tender heart and soul,
And your wonderful life’s goal,
With honor, to listen to others…
About their triumphs and “bothers,”
Bringing your sunshine to their days,
As you tenderly touch their hearts and pray.
I remember, as a friend and a client had passed away,
We went to a store to choose the clothes she was to wear that day,
And the care for her comfort even in her death you gave,
As you chose for her the softest clothes in her favorite colors to wear to the grave.
Shelley, “To a beautiful person within and out,
There aren’t enough words to send and shout!”
When your time to leave finally arrives,
I’m not sure if I’ll be there, surviving and alive,
Yet this poem and these words will still hold true,
To tell others what an awesome friend I saw in you,
For the world, unconditionally, in all that you did and yet do.
We thank you!

Valerie J. Kolle


I worked hard for that quarter. As I put it into a “gum-ball machine” of life, I’ll cherish whatever color or flavor rolls out. It may be sour or sweet, dark or bright, full of flavor or not, different, than what I would’ve chosen, yet, I’m going to enjoy each “gum-ball.” As I cherish each “gum-ball” I will cherish each day of my life, even those days with a “hollow-core,” as the pockets of air inside also have value.

Self-Made Seasons

Self-Made Seasons
As spring evolved into summer’s heat,
We continued as friends to visit and meet.
He drew up his plans as the fields were imbedded with seed,
He left in mid-summer to Idaho, bringing tools, tractor, and all that he’d need.
He grated a road further along a culvert and ridge,
Towards his shack, while his sisters brought goodies for him and his buddy, thus emptying their fridge.
A hole in the mountain brought forth water tapped into a new well,
Hooking a shower to the shed, which, in the 90 degree heat, was mighty refreshing and swell.
As the crops grew in the fields, our visits resumed,
Until harvest, when the farmer’s combine and time was consumed.
A dry, summer turned into a rainy, wet autumn,
We had days go by with only mere glimpses of sun.
The wood-fire hearth with it’s dancing flames’ a-glowing,
With a call, I would join him as the leaves became blanketed with the winter’s long season of snowing.
For the friendship yet continues with the self-made man who’ll proclaim,
He “cannot be tied down,” yet, likes having this “gal” in his life, just the same.

Seaside Dreams

Seaside Dreams; Put to Sleep
Valerie J. Kolle

As the sun rose and peaked in the sky,
The seagulls glided along flying by.
The noise as the curling waves splashing along
Were like a crescendo of cymbals clashing in song.
The vagabond families pitched their tents in the sand,
Claiming their temporary pieces of land.
The sun arched across the sky during the long busy day,
The fishermen provided a lunch of frying fish filets.
The water crept inward from the depths of the sea,
The hermit crab scuttled finding peace and safety.
The couple rode horseback along the sands of the shore,
Till they reached their cottage a mile southeast or more.
After a day of running with soccer balls and kites,
Swimsuits and towels are hung up and drying for the night,
The children are snuggled up in warm, homemade quilts on a log,
While petting their puppy and their trustworthy dog.
With dried branches gathered into a circle of stones,
A bonfire warmed up the night and their bones.
Hotdogs were roasted, marshmallows were toasted…
And melted into s’mores which they shared,
With guitar-playing, singing of praises and prayer.
The wind had subsided as the trees gently swayed.
The critters of the woods are nestled away.
The shadowy silhouettes of the ships and boats,
Fade on the horizon as if on the air they’re afloat.
As the sun set on the waves crimson red,
The ocean, with such splendor, drifts back into it’s bed.

Seaside Dreams Arising
By Valerie J. Kolle

A distant foghorn moans through the predawn mist,
The waves shuffle sand-dollars with a sea-foam twist,
As the tides draw the sea outward with a hypnotic draw,
The sand remains etched, with driftwood, seaweed, shells, and a small lobster claw.
In tide-pools, the colorful sea anemones blossom like floral bouquets,
Starfish cling to the underside of the rocks, shielded from the spray,
Their shelter from danger in the oncoming day.
A hermit crab pops out of his newly, acquired possession,
Flaunting the glamourous shell in an awkward procession.
A curious puppy causes the crab to burrow under the sand,
Quickly, the pup runs towards a stick, as it lands.
Barefoot children waltzing with the waves as if in a dance,
A lovestruck couple walks by hand-in-hand, focused deep in romance.
“Fairy floss” clouds appear as the mist fades away,
Pink and blue “cotton candy” greet the sun-rays of a newly born day.
The ships, and the boats appear in a diamond-like glistening sea,
A refreshing, rejuvenating, marine-kissed, spring-like breeze,
Shakes, rattles and rolls the moorings on the docks and the branches in the trees.
As I inhale, and breathe, and take it all in, I think, “What a beautiful day to be free!”


Goals for Now

Four main goals;
To find the person who will be there as a partner, lover, companion, and friend for the long run.
To make a positive difference in the world. Possibilities.
To thank God for all of the Blessings in my life.
To enjoy the beauty of the world, it’s people and nature.