Cookie Cutter Christmas

Cookie Cutter Christmas
By Val 12/7/2013

Sometimes when you see us,
You think we are all the same.
We are the “homeless,” the “mentally-challenged,” and you don’t even know our names.

This cookie cutter comes to you,
Uniquely decorated.
We were once the children of this Season celebrated.
Like the dough this cookie cutter cut,
We were molded into the image we were given,
Sprinkled with the sweetness of the world in which we’re living.
The difference lies within us all, in how we face this earth,
And the ingredients within us we were given since our birth.
The blend of which gives us all our spiritual worth.

The child who once used this cookie cutter had dreams much like my own,
Dreams of love and family, and caring, peace and hope within a home.