Autumn Flight

“Autumn Flight”

Valerie J. Kolle
October 17, 2014

Intertwined with feathery pine,
In a grey, bare-branched birch,
A pair of eagles perched.

Mirrored images silhouetted
Against a pale blue sky
Resembling a bilateral inkblot.

In an attempt to capture this unusual view,
I alerted the driver to brake,
And turn around in a “U.”

We crept up slowly,
Approaching them quietly,
Preparing my camera,
Then, rolling down the window,
Yet, the eagles dispersed to the driver’s hard-rock radio sound,
Disturbing their pose.

The camera’s memory only shows,
A sole, free-soaring eagle,
With his regal, white head, a jagged, hooked beak,
And his majestic wings widely spread,
Tilting, ever so slightly, in a fly-by greeting,
At a distance, like an ornament,
On the edge of a dark, green branch of pine.