Wingback Recliner Project IV


Measured cream linen and olive colored tufted upholstery fabric for front & back of wings. Sewed curved seams & slipped material over frame & cotton batting. Next step, will be to staple and touch-up wings with some stitching. Decided to purchase 8 buttons similar to others on the previous wingback chair.




Photos are before lining up the fabric for the stapling them on the backside.

Self-made; So Long

“Self-made, So Long!”
“So long!” to the log-home with the mountainous trees,
“So long!” to the snow-capped peaks with their charming, fresh breeze,
“So long!” while you think about whether (or not) I’m a part of your dreams,
While my thoughts of a life with you burst apart at the seams.

I need a true love unafraid to show the world how we feel,
While you organize your next adventurous deal.
I need a man willing to get down on his knees,
While you go off elsewhere doing whatever you please.
“So long!”

By Valerie J. Kolle
January 16, 2015


Wingback Recliner Project III

I dismantled the hardware from the chair and took bolts out holding the legs & arms to the seat, back and wings. This made it easier to get the remaining old fabric off, and begin to cover the sections.



Seat & back & wings.



Smoked Salmon Veggie Soup

I just made the weirdest, healthy soup with the smoked salmon my daughter sent from Seattle to me for Christmas.

I put in onion soup mix, kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, sliced Roma tomatoes, & “New Orleans Style Seafood & Chicken Seasoning” plus whole wheat pasta & water in my crock pot.
Even my 21 year old son ate a bowl full.



Wingback Recliner Project II







I spent a lot of time today pulling off much of the old material. I sewed gold linen side panels to the front pieces of the chair.

I think it is all going to line up very nicely. The main piece was a 60″ wide remnant 1/2 a yard long. It was originally $44.99 a yard. The remnant was half price plus I had an online coupon for $5 off.
My other purchases for some TuTu’s for my granddaughters brought my total purchase to $30 so I qualified for the coupon.
My chair material came to only $11.25 minus the $5, equaling $6.25 plus tax. I have all of my other needed materials to finish the chair, except perhaps 8 buttons. Still deciding on that.