Buying Time

“Buying Time”
By Valerie J. Kolle
April 28, 2015

It’s Spring!
Evidence of new life surrounds us.
The leaves are shedding their shells, reaching their fresh green-ness to the sunlit sky.
Rain, sleet, and the last of the dots of snow dip down create a thin, pillowed blanket over the fresh, new blades of grass.
Newborn calves and colts enjoy the nearness of their mothers out in the pastures.
Ducklings and goslings paddle along in their wake breaking the mirrored, smoothness of the ponds.
Up from their gnarled bulbs shoot the irises, lilies, daffodils and tulips, bringing forth their colorful display.
A year is a long time for the young at heart, yet, as one ages, a year flies by in a blink of an eye.
Enjoy the precious, loving moments time brings to us!
A fourth generation begins as the first one leaves. The moment was fleeting, yet, as precious as any etched into the stone of a life well-lived.

The Man Behind the Smile

“The Man Behind the Smile”
Valerie J. Kolle

We listened with laughter as the tales were told.
From when he was young to not very old.
From a car full of frogs to a garden of tomatoes.

Along a riverbed,
Through a corn field he tread,
Facing a buck head-to-head.

To all generations, there was the music he’d bring.
A virtuoso with instruments of piano and string,
Natural talent in the music he’d sing.

Cars, sports, fishing, hunting…he was a well-rounded guy,
We miss him so much as we share thoughts together and cry,
Yet, it seems like he was only here for a little while.
So, let’s honor him with a smile.

Wingback Recliner V

Nearly complete. Chair has back buttons and back fabric applied. Sides just need some stitching and side of arms need solid upholstery fabric, yet.
Assembly all complete on mechanisms.