Alice’s Wonderful World

By her cousin, Valerie Jean Laidlaw,
July 2, 2015

I can only imagine growing up in a house full of girls,
Playing “house,” “mom,” and “dress-up” with fancy hats on our curls.
Welcoming a little, baby sister—a real-live “baby girl,”
A “doll” with real smiles and giggles, “What a Wonderful World!”

As a mom, to sons and a “baby girl,”
I do know what joy was brought into her world.
“I Believe” is a song which tells of newborn baby’s cry,
Of life, and looking up into the sky,

I know Alice cherished seeing her daughter walk down the aisle,
Pictures showed us whole-heartedly her feelings in her eyes and in her smile.
Alice is still here with all of us,
She welcomed everyone into her heart,
She’s given us memories of which we each hold a part.

There is one parting thought of I will state,
Heaven’s a bit neater now that Alice has entered it’s gate.

“What a wonderful world – LOUIS ARMSTRONG.” on YouTube

“Mix – LeAnn Rimes “I Believe”” on YouTube
Mix – LeAnn Rimes “I Believe”: