Don Quixote I, Bastante Bien

If Don Quixote had arrived into our day,
And, if he decided to live here, and stay,
He would carry a fishing rod, instead of a sword,
He’d ride on a motorcycle, and never be bored.
He’d be homeless, at times, and defend all his friends,
He’d be creatively “crazy,” and play randomly-unique, musical blends!
He’d love animals, dogs, cows, horses, and burros,
He’d stop bullies from bullying, and become everyone’s hero.
At times, he just sit back, and observe beauty in nature,
Use a camera to capture the world, and it’s creatures.
He’d be a hippie of sorts, with basic non-materialistic needs,
He’d encourage others away from selfishness, and greed.
He’d give away his last dollar,
Live quietly, and not holler.
His imperfections would be expressed with both humor and grace,
As he moves into our world, at his own, even pace,
Finding both pleasure and peace, in this high-tech human race.

Valerie J. Laidlaw, 10/10/2015.

Don Quixote II, Percepciones

The calamity of Quixote isn’t his illusions and his quests,
He does what he does, as he thinks to be best.
The difficulties lie in our perception of him,
What he does in our reality following his own wit and whim.
We’d think that our towers and “windmills,” sky-scrapers, and such,
Would present to him as virtually unsurmountable to his gallantry and touch.
That our world would overwhelm him and seem to us for him as too much.
In his own world, with his buddies and friends who still “get him,”
As long as he’s not a danger to himself or others, they’d let him…
Be his own hero, as a knight, conquering those “visions and voices,”
Supporting him, and validating his choices.
The battles within him and out,
As he lunges forward, makes a loud noise, and shouts,
Remember, we are all human on this earth,
Equipped with differences to live with from birth.

Valerie J. Laidlaw 10/11/2015