As the network of leafless trees’ branches become frosted with fluff,
Pure, soft, flakes of snow float tenderly to the blanketed earth’s stuff.
An ebony shadow against a white, wintry sky,
A “trapeze artist” balanced upon a power-line wire.
Action begins with his feathered, flapping frill,
Joined by his loud “caws,” in contrast shrill,
Interrupting and disturbing the peaceful, quiet still.

A young worker carries a canvas sack of folded news, trudging along,
Dropping bundles between each of the house’s doors, with a whistling song.
Daily, the bird swoops down, in an arch, near the carrier’s ears,
Teasing the person of very few years.
Challenging him (her) to duck down, in fear,
Undaunted, the worker continues the route,
As the blackbird flies elsewhere about.

The red squirrel scolds the bird from an unsteady branch,
Then, zig-zaggedly scurries to a much, bolder, squawk-ridden stance.

Then, unintentionally, disrupting sparrows at their feed,
The blackbird cluelessly, disregards the little birds’ needs,
Returning back to his perch, full of greed,
While he contentedly and noisily munches on seeds.

By Valerie J Laidlaw

2016-02-02 17.01.30

Stage one

I’m not really sure how I’ve been feeling lately. My life is fulfilled with family and friends. I’ve successfully completed my schooling, and have had extraordinary experiences in my career. I have travelled overseas. I’m married to the love of my life. I am happy!

I’m not wealthy. I’ve been strong and healthy most of my life.

Now, I’ve been told, as I face a long awaited surgery to remove fibroids from my uterus that I have the beginnings of cancer.

I still have many things left on my “bucket list” as I approach my 60th birthday. A motorcycle ride to Seattle, a trip to Norway, and a train ride across the Canadian Rockies, plus, sharing scenic adventures with my husband, and just enjoying time watching my grand babies grow up.

I’ve seen many people enter my life who have left this world. They’ve fought courageously to stay longer, as long as God would allow.

I do wish to leave some sort of legacy through my words and art. Some wisdom or insight of sorts that will help others to be happier and content, plus, feel safe and accepted in this beautiful, wonderful world.