Brief Encounter


Brief Encounter

The squirrel approached with caution and fear,
The hunter winked back, as he was there for the deer.
With each chattering chirp, the squrrel’s tail, he would twitch,
Until a treasure-trunk of a tree full of corn for him to steal, was revealed,
“Don’t worry little furry friend. I promise not to snitch.”
After a while, he snuck closer to the hunter, his newly found friend,
He sat up on his hanches, and extended his front paws,
Revealing his treasure, a golden kernel,
Which he cracked gently with his tiny mouth, puffed-up cheeks, and his jaws.
As the hunter, for a moment, he paused,
Distracted by nature, forgetting the hunt, and his cause.
An entertaining brief encounter, but, none the less, when they parted, did their friendship thus end.

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