“God Speed, John Glenn”

By Valerie J Laidlaw

I remember when,
We saw John Glenn.
All the while,
We sat,
Cross-legged style,
On the floor of the gymnasium.
Our principal, also named “Glenn,”
Introduced him in our school “lyceum.”
The astronaut told us about his orbital flight,
We were so impressed, and dazzled,
To behold such a great hero, in our sight
It was truly a “space-age” era for us “baby boomers” in the sixties.
In those days,
We had seen amazing jugglers, acrobats, and musicians,
Yet no one had left us more amazed,
As this charismatic, brave man.
We asked about weightlessness, the chimps in space,
How it felt, to launch into the outer atmosphere,
At such an unbelieveable pace.
Plus, splashing down, was he relieved,
To be safely returned to Mother Earth,
Opening his capsule, breathing the fresh, ocean air?
Yes, I remember when
We saw John Glenn.

(I was there.)