Dragon;View from Above

Dragon; View from Above
By Valerie J Laidlaw

Here I am,
In a cave, which my family has had, since the beginning of time,
Minding my own business, hidden away from, oh…never mind!
You know us dragons are virtually, practically extinct,
Yet, they’d never protect us as endangered creatures,
Not with these barbed, voluminous features.
These Vikings, they pretend to place us in such high regard,
Carving, and placing our image at the forward-most position in front of a barge.

Of course, I was upset, shooting flames at the unwelcome intruders,
They fought cruelly, and shot sharp swords at me, what could’ve been ruder?
Then, seriously, as I did try to flee, and take flight,
Into the safer, dark cloak of the night,
The knight continued to assault, and assail me,
Cutting my beautiful, beloved tail free.
A mere token to him, to show off to his bride,
But it was mine, my beloved tail, slithering inside.
Okay, so I eventually grew a new tail back,
Yet, I’ve had nightmares, ever since that attack,
Dreaming of more of me disappearing in the pack.

I’ve heard of the voyages of new, Chinese trades,
There, dragons are worshipped, and placed in the highest, and most honorable places,
And the people are loving, respectful, and gracious.
There, on my adventure, I hope to find my bride.
Doesn’t anyone care about my point of view, or my side?
Perhaps others might begin to raise concerns, and questions, like, ” Who knew?”
Maybe, it will help rescue, plus, save the life of a dragon or two!


Dragon; Further
Valerie J Laidlaw

The knight told of his adventurous journey in the form of a fabulous, fortuitous fable,
“Okay, so you brought me this proof of a dragon,” as the tail slithered out onto the table.
“Oh, it’s cool, you’re alive,
That you persevered, and survived.
But, I want to journey along, with you, far away in this world, while I’m able.”

“I want to sail all seven seas, and climb summits of mountains,
See waterfalls, brilliant, northern lights’ skies, and great fountains!
I don’t want to waste time in this castle,
As my hair grows into a long, golden tassel.
The damp, dreary walls of this place, to me, seem more like a prison.”

He listened as the Princess continued her plea,
Evisioning all the sights of the world for to see.
“Okay, Love!” spoke the Knight.
“We will swiftly take flight!”
And for the first time in her royal, young life, she felt free!

For they hitched rides on ships, with the Vikings,
Found well-worn trails, completing vast pilgrimages, of hiking.
Sailing on wild, wet, windswept courses,
Riding tall, upon elephants, camels, and horses,
The Knight and the Princess did all this to their liking.

Eventually, when she thought, she’d seen all that she’d imagined, and desired,
Having fullfilled all of their memories, and dreams, that had transpired,
The Princess was content,
That the Knight now was meant,
To be eternally bonded (with her), on land, open seas, and skyward!


By Valerie J Laidlaw

As the Knight, who had slayed him, was bragging,
The young Princess declared, “There’s no such thing as a dragon!”
“Proof’s what I need,
If it’s truly indeed!
‘Cause without it, the truth of your story is sagging.”

“Sweet Princess, I’ll get proof for your doubt-ridden bequest,
And, put all of this nonsense to rest!”
So the Knight ventured out,
Following a stiff mug of stout,
With his sword he sought out a dragon to test.

He found a village of explorers all Viking,
They found his adventure to be one of their liking,
They mapped out a fjord,
The Knight climbed aboard,
As they rowed towards a dragon within striking.

Docking at Flom, the Knight strode along, with his new Nordic team,
Upward, along a steep, mountainous, cascading stream,
Climbing up from the embankment,
Strengthened by powerful excitement,
This Knight’s adventure evolved to be more vivid than dreamed.

Thunderous clouds threw bolts of lightning and wind,
Slick sheets of rain drenched the armored clothing of men,
As they trudged along,
Whistling a song,
Undaunted, those determined found more strength from within.

Finally, the summit which was icy cold, and snow-peaked,
The Vikings exclaimed, “Here lies the creature you seek!”
Towards a cave, they all said, “Behold!”
Pointing out a dragon’s abode,
Then, scorching flames flew out like a streak!

The dragon arose up from his rest and he slithered,
The group shook with some fear as they shivered,
Then, forgetting the cold,
And, becoming more bold,
The Knight pulled an arrow from his quiver.

With his steady bow he quickly took aim,
Releasing the arrow below the last scorching flame,
The dragon moaned,
Then let out a shrill groan,
Lunging forward, the angry wounded creature shrieked in pain.

To the Dragon he stepped in closer to fight,
With his sword held this brave fearless Knight,
Pierced the scales,
And cut off the barbed tail,
Then, the dragon flew off in the darkness of night.

To the kingdom, the Knight, with the Norsemen, sailed back,
Holding a hugely, large duffle bag sack.
For this bag held his proof,
Of the adventure he’d partook,
For the Princess, the Knight’s tale of the Dragon’s tail he’d attacked.

Marco’s Tallest Tale; Requiem

Marco’s Tallest Tale; Requiem

Stretch grew up as gentle as a lamb,
And tall as a tree.
Onto the beach and near the sea,
Best buds for a lifetime, living free.
Marco and his brother rode all over the isle,
This was their magical time for a while.

Sometimes, tsunamis and hurricanes blew,
All of the natives scurried, and knew what to do.
If the people were able, they climbed up to the caves,
Marco and Stretch were so helpful, and brave,
Assisting towards shelter with the many they saved.

Other times, in rebuilding the roads, and framing their huts,
Moving rocks with their muscles, and leveling the ruts,
Marco and Rico, became the leaders in their village island home.
Marco found his true love, Marlena, as heĀ  became grown.

Marco and Marlena loved traveling with Stretch on their rides,
As Marco and his bride, climbed up and astride,
Watching sunrises and sunsets with her by his side.

Marco’s Taller Tale; Heroes

Marco’s Taller Tale: Heroes

Marco’s tale with Stretch was just a beginning,
On hot days, you’d see the two of them swimming.

Marco’s little brother, Rico, cried out, and weepened,
As he was captured with wavy water which had sweeped him,
Quickly outward pulling him under as it deepened.

Marco hopped onto Stretch as quick as a “jet ski,”
Diving under the water, dipping and submerging, quite briskly,
Retrieving little Rico from perilous depths of the sea,
The small youth recovered quite happily!

Marco and Stretch became heroes that day,
Rewarded with Rico’s laughter and play!

Marco’s Tall Tale

Marco’s Tall Tale
By Valerie J. Laidlaw

Marco lived on an isle by the shore,
He knew that with being happy, “Less is more!”
Swimming, playing barefoot on the beach,
Having his fishing boat within reach,
He enjoyed the breezes of the sea,
Living a simple life, and feeling free!

There were horses to ride,
Towards the island’s far side,
The schools were the elders as tutors,
A time before phones, cars, clocks, and computers.

Marco’s tale long ago did begin,
As a large, wooden crate had drifted in.
He pulled it to shore, onto the sand,
Using logs, rolled it even further, inland.

His mind, like a cloud, drifted off to his hoping,
As, in the shade, he began prying it open.
Upon hearing a soft, stirring inside,
Something moved, whimpered, and cried.

The creature looked somewhat like a horse,
Its stilted legs, and long neck stretched out with a force.
Marco was startled, and stared all aghast,
For he knew not what he saw was a baby “giraffe!”

Marco fed the strange creature, and named him,
“Stretch,” while they walked side-by-side,
He groomed, bathed, then, taught him
To let Marco climb upon the creature’s back for a ride.

When Marco and Stretch were seen by the youth, they were teased, for a while,
Until Marco rode proudly, with ease, and a smile,
Climbing up for a coconut, in the trees, pleasantly with style!

The Islanders still tell of Marco’s tale to this day,
About welcoming talents and uniqueness in others, as the only best way!


Today, I am in a self-induced respite state. I worked steadily for 8 months of full-time overnight shifts at a major retailer. I cashiered, zoned, put away produce, sent moneygrams to distant lands, cashed checks, handled exchanges and returns, & dealt with the kind and unkind customer.

Eventually, as I was on my feet during all of the punched-in time, my feet swelled, my lower back and hips ached all day and night. So…I quit for a part-time day job.

My new job entailed on-to-one part-time work. Three weeks later, I quit. Now, my thumbs and knees feel sprained, my shoulders ache, my neck is stiff, my right leg is numb, my hips and lower back are in constant pain. I am anxious and afraid more…less confident. The job required redirecting somebody a head taller than me, who was strong with resistance towards me.

I am 62 now. I need to work. I cannot do what I previously could. I am disabled, partly crippled, yet moreso, trying to still be somewhat “abled” to persevere & continue.

I have over a hundred poems. Many are beautifully written. I love painting and being creative in art.

Where do I go from here?