By Valerie J Laidlaw

As the Knight, who had slayed him, was bragging,
The young Princess declared, “There’s no such thing as a dragon!”
“Proof’s what I need,
If it’s truly indeed!
‘Cause without it, the truth of your story is sagging.”

“Sweet Princess, I’ll get proof for your doubt-ridden bequest,
And, put all of this nonsense to rest!”
So the Knight ventured out,
Following a stiff mug of stout,
With his sword he sought out a dragon to test.

He found a village of explorers all Viking,
They found his adventure to be one of their liking,
They mapped out a fjord,
The Knight climbed aboard,
As they rowed towards a dragon within striking.

Docking at Flom, the Knight strode along, with his new Nordic team,
Upward, along a steep, mountainous, cascading stream,
Climbing up from the embankment,
Strengthened by powerful excitement,
This Knight’s adventure evolved to be more vivid than dreamed.

Thunderous clouds threw bolts of lightning and wind,
Slick sheets of rain drenched the armored clothing of men,
As they trudged along,
Whistling a song,
Undaunted, those determined found more strength from within.

Finally, the summit which was icy cold, and snow-peaked,
The Vikings exclaimed, “Here lies the creature you seek!”
Towards a cave, they all said, “Behold!”
Pointing out a dragon’s abode,
Then, scorching flames flew out like a streak!

The dragon arose up from his rest and he slithered,
The group shook with some fear as they shivered,
Then, forgetting the cold,
And, becoming more bold,
The Knight pulled an arrow from his quiver.

With his steady bow he quickly took aim,
Releasing the arrow below the last scorching flame,
The dragon moaned,
Then let out a shrill groan,
Lunging forward, the angry wounded creature shrieked in pain.

To the Dragon he stepped in closer to fight,
With his sword held this brave fearless Knight,
Pierced the scales,
And cut off the barbed tail,
Then, the dragon flew off in the darkness of night.

To the kingdom, the Knight, with the Norsemen, sailed back,
Holding a hugely, large duffle bag sack.
For this bag held his proof,
Of the adventure he’d partook,
For the Princess, the Knight’s tale of the Dragon’s tail he’d attacked.

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