Dragon; Further
Valerie J Laidlaw

The knight told of his adventurous journey in the form of a fabulous, fortuitous fable,
“Okay, so you brought me this proof of a dragon,” as the tail slithered out onto the table.
“Oh, it’s cool, you’re alive,
That you persevered, and survived.
But, I want to journey along, with you, far away in this world, while I’m able.”

“I want to sail all seven seas, and climb summits of mountains,
See waterfalls, brilliant, northern lights’ skies, and great fountains!
I don’t want to waste time in this castle,
As my hair grows into a long, golden tassel.
The damp, dreary walls of this place, to me, seem more like a prison.”

He listened as the Princess continued her plea,
Evisioning all the sights of the world for to see.
“Okay, Love!” spoke the Knight.
“We will swiftly take flight!”
And for the first time in her royal, young life, she felt free!

For they hitched rides on ships, with the Vikings,
Found well-worn trails, completing vast pilgrimages, of hiking.
Sailing on wild, wet, windswept courses,
Riding tall, upon elephants, camels, and horses,
The Knight and the Princess did all this to their liking.

Eventually, when she thought, she’d seen all that she’d imagined, and desired,
Having fullfilled all of their memories, and dreams, that had transpired,
The Princess was content,
That the Knight now was meant,
To be eternally bonded (with her), on land, open seas, and skyward!

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