Dragon;View from Above

Dragon; View from Above
By Valerie J Laidlaw

Here I am,
In a cave, which my family has had, since the beginning of time,
Minding my own business, hidden away from, oh…never mind!
You know us dragons are virtually, practically extinct,
Yet, they’d never protect us as endangered creatures,
Not with these barbed, voluminous features.
These Vikings, they pretend to place us in such high regard,
Carving, and placing our image at the forward-most position in front of a barge.

Of course, I was upset, shooting flames at the unwelcome intruders,
They fought cruelly, and shot sharp swords at me, what could’ve been ruder?
Then, seriously, as I did try to flee, and take flight,
Into the safer, dark cloak of the night,
The knight continued to assault, and assail me,
Cutting my beautiful, beloved tail free.
A mere token to him, to show off to his bride,
But it was mine, my beloved tail, slithering inside.
Okay, so I eventually grew a new tail back,
Yet, I’ve had nightmares, ever since that attack,
Dreaming of more of me disappearing in the pack.

I’ve heard of the voyages of new, Chinese trades,
There, dragons are worshipped, and placed in the highest, and most honorable places,
And the people are loving, respectful, and gracious.
There, on my adventure, I hope to find my bride.
Doesn’t anyone care about my point of view, or my side?
Perhaps others might begin to raise concerns, and questions, like, ” Who knew?”
Maybe, it will help rescue, plus, save the life of a dragon or two!

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