Marco’s Tallest Tale; Requiem

Marco’s Tallest Tale; Requiem

Stretch grew up as gentle as a lamb,
And tall as a tree.
Onto the beach and near the sea,
Best buds for a lifetime, living free.
Marco and his brother rode all over the isle,
This was their magical time for a while.

Sometimes, tsunamis and hurricanes blew,
All of the natives scurried, and knew what to do.
If the people were able, they climbed up to the caves,
Marco and Stretch were so helpful, and brave,
Assisting towards shelter with the many they saved.

Other times, in rebuilding the roads, and framing their huts,
Moving rocks with their muscles, and leveling the ruts,
Marco and Rico, became the leaders in their village island home.
Marco found his true love, Marlena, as he  became grown.

Marco and Marlena loved traveling with Stretch on their rides,
As Marco and his bride, climbed up and astride,
Watching sunrises and sunsets with her by his side.

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