Today, I am in a self-induced respite state. I worked steadily for 8 months of full-time overnight shifts at a major retailer. I cashiered, zoned, put away produce, sent moneygrams to distant lands, cashed checks, handled exchanges and returns, & dealt with the kind and unkind customer.

Eventually, as I was on my feet during all of the punched-in time, my feet swelled, my lower back and hips ached all day and night. So…I quit for a part-time day job.

My new job entailed on-to-one part-time work. Three weeks later, I quit. Now, my thumbs and knees feel sprained, my shoulders ache, my neck is stiff, my right leg is numb, my hips and lower back are in constant pain. I am anxious and afraid more…less confident. The job required redirecting somebody a head taller than me, who was strong with resistance towards me.

I am 62 now. I need to work. I cannot do what I previously could. I am disabled, partly crippled, yet moreso, trying to still be somewhat “abled” to persevere & continue.

I have over a hundred poems. Many are beautifully written. I love painting and being creative in art.

Where do I go from here?

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