Little Red Hen A Twist On The Tale

The Little Red Hen; A Twist on the Tale

The Little Red Hen; A Twist on the Tale
By Valerie J Laidlaw January 12, 2019

Once upon a time, as the little red hen’s chicks were hatching,
She had found a few grains of wheat, while scratching.
“This wheat should be planted!”
The little hen chanted.
So, seeking help, she began to look,
And, found a duck reading a book.
“Please, duck,” she asked,
“Can you help me plant this seed?”
“Nah!” said the duck, “I’d rather read!”
Asking others, lead to no avail,
A cat chasing yarn, and a pup with his pail,
Each replied, “Not I!” with a shake of a tail.
So, the little red hen announced,
“I will!”
As she planted the seeds, alongside the trail.

Soon, the wheat grew to be tall and yellow.
The little red hen said, “The wheat is ripe, and ready to be cut,
Who’s able to help now, or, am I out of luck?”
The duck, said, “Sure!” like a really, nice fellow,
For he had finished his book, and helpfully got up,
Unlike the cat, who was chasing a mouse, under the house, and the lazy pup,
Who was staring at the sunset, on the lake, as it glistened.
Meanwhile, the duck cut the wheat, with a tune, he was whistling.
When the wheat was all cut, the hen asked,
“Now who will,
Load up this wheat, and, bring it to the mill?”
“Not I,” said the duck, who was worn out, and tired,
“I will!” said the cat, as the hen said, “You’re hired!”
The cat liked chasing the mice at the mill.
After she loaded, and brought the wheat down the trail, up the hill,
The lazy dog, after a swim, was sleeping still.
The clock struck a bell, as it rang out, in the tower,
As the cat returned, within the stroke of an hour.
The hen was so pleased, with a sack of flour.
The little red hen asked, “Who would like to knead this flour into dough?”
The cat, remembering the mice at the mill, said, “Not I, I have to go!”
So, as she looked at the duck on the lake, the pup said, “I suppose, I will!”
So, the pup kneaded the dough, with the beat of his tail,
As the wind blew the duck, off the lake, as he sailed.
The little red hen, with her chicks, spread the dough, on a pan,
And, baked a pizza, in an oven, over a flame,
Feasting with her chicks, as the duck, the dog, and the cat, also came,
With chirping, whistling, meowing, a loud howl, and, a yelp,
Celebrating a harvest, in which they each, in turn, had helped.

(Later on, a wee, little mouse crept then, ate the crumbs, and made sure to leave a few grains of wheat for the little red hen.)