Caring Hearts: For All of Us

Caring Hearts: For All of Us
By Valerie J Laidlaw
March 30, 2020

No one is immune from this invisible virus.
We cannot see if it is present among or inside any of us.
We hear how quickly it kills, and how long it stays on objects.
The tough who recover, and those whom the healing rejects.
Washing hands, staying home, distancing from others,
Heart-worn doctors, caretakers, nurses…young fathers, and mothers.
This is a battle, and we are all soldiers in this pandemic war,
Against an indiscriminate virus which acts upon us, both near and far.
Globally, there’s a curve, or a wave,
Which sadly, builds, then subsides, as we all attempt to save,
As many people as we possibly can,
We bravely place our hopes into everyone’s hands.


By Valerie J Laidlaw. March 28, 2020

I went for a walk to help strengthen my knees,
I noticed the first buds coming out in the trees.
A few folks were out walking, here and there,
Leading their dogs, each leashed to a pair.
Emptying, boxing, & cleaning up the garage,
A senior Dad working with his grown sons,
Spring cleaning during a “lockdown,”
Later, to be rewarded with food, then more “fun.”
Two toddlers on a sidewalk, getting fresh air and some sun,
A solitary adult swinging alone at a school,
A person talking about how this virus is so crazy and cruel.
A man sitting in his yard with a cigarette to smoke,
A meandering postman pulling mail from his tote.
A bike rider, and a jogger going out for a run.
Week-long warriors cleaning up in their yards,
Finding time enough during this pandemic is neither difficult nor hard.