Article about my mom

I found:
Wayne Lubenow’s article about my mom, in the Fargo Forum.

“And That’s the Kind of People We Need”
“She’ll probably deny it, but Mrs. Arthur (Vivian) Kolle of 1514 6th Ave. S., Fargo, is an exceptionally nice person.
She works at the Veterans Hospital here and it was a coworker that tattled on her.
It happened during that hot spell last Friday and Mrs. Kolle was at the bus depot to put her son and a niece on the bus to Grand Forks.
In the depot, she was approached by a young mother with a tiny baby. The mother asked Mrs. Kolle if she would watch the baby while the mother mailed a letter.
The young mother’s husband was in Viet Nam and she was going with her child from Maine to Billings, Mont., to live with her parents.
The mother was tired after several days on the bus. The baby’s milk had soured in the heat. She had accidentally left her tickets to Billings on the bus when she transferred here. The baby’s clothes were soiled. Both needed a bath.
‘She was a young mother,’ Mrs. Kolle said, ‘and a good mother. But things had gotten beyond her.’
Mrs. Kolle saw to it that the letter was mailed. Then she took the mother and child home, saw that they had baths, supper, naps and that they had tickets to Billings. (The tickets on the bus were found at Hallock, Minn.).
The baby’s clothes were washed.
And then, at 12:30 a.m. Saturday, mother and child were put on the bus for Billings.”

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