Charlee Jean’s Poem

By Grmaval Valerie J Laidlaw

You look so familiar to me; “First-born” of my “First-born”, Charlee Jean.
I agree, as your mom says, “You’re the most beautiful girl!” she’s ever seen.
Your dad says, “When you were born, it was like witnessing an indescribable dream!”
Until the first breath and first cry; I recall very clearly how upon his birth, that moment did seem.

If Heaven lined up all of the babies born in the world,
There’s no doubt you would have been chosen as “our little girl.”
You have aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and a brother who all give you their “Love,”
“Best Wishes and Blessings” from their friends, plus the Angels and the Lord up above.

You are the perfect result of a “perfect” blend
Of the recipe of ancestors from which you descend;
Your creativity, your intellect, and personality will be exclusively your own;
Embellished by the influences of the world you’ll be shown.

You’ll always have family to guide and protect you even after you’ve grown
Into a young lady in the future; you won’t need to face life’s challenges entirely on your own.
When that time comes in your life many of us may no longer be around,
But our spirits will watch and pray for you even when you may think you’re alone.
The memory, the warmth of our love, our hearts, and our hugs will still about you surround,
To bring much success and happiness; as the laughter and joy of your friends and family abound.

So, now, through the birth of a new generation,
I’ve been transformed into a “Grandma;” my new life’s station.
“Welcome to the world, Charlee,” God’s newest creation.

For my first grandchild, Charlee Jean Roos,
On her “1 week” birthday, March 21, 2005
From your grandma, Valerie Jean Kolle

Love, Grandma Val 3.21.2005

When I first held you, Charlee Jean Roos

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