by Valerie J Laidlaw

Parachuter south of Fergus Falls, MN

some try to put a face
to our suffering and loss
there is no face
to all of this
viral vast vacancies
this pandemic caused.
a mother’s heart still beats
where a son’s has ceased,
the person, the people
who filled our lives
with love and kindness
the “glue” that bonded
our broken families
at what cost?
don’t put a face of blame
on this!
we all are suffering
we all are nameless
and faceless
in this!
yet, so many faces
are now lost
all the people
whom we loved
who loved us
who were affected by all of this
who are affected by all of this
they are the faces
among all of us!
we are the faces
among all of us!
let’s give meaning
to the sacrifice
to those faces
who have suffered
in this battle.
let’s show honor
and kindness
to eachother!
it affected us all,
divided we fall.
it affects us all,
so don’t fall.
let’s face it all

Kyle and Mom, Val

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