George Floyd

By Valerie J Laidlaw
May 27, 2020

I’m sad.
Children see too much injustice, today.
Power is a priviledge.
Power is not to be taken to an inhumane level.
It is scary to see how this happens.
It does not need to happen.
Please, protect and serve,
With love and compassion.
I am glad to know there are some, or most, people who do.
We are all in this world together with empathy and compassion for a person who cried out to our common humanity, beyond the inhumanity shown to him.
A film speaking, pleading, and crying out for someone rendered silent will live on in our memories.
In our hearts,
In our souls,
All lives matter!

Teaching tough lessons

“Black Lives Do Matter!”
By Valerie J Laidlaw
June 9, 2020

In the late ’70’s, way back,
I lived in Decatur, Illinois,
Raising “tow-headed” boys,
In a near Southern town, mostly Black.
My older boy, was in years only two,
He’d greet all who he’d see with a friendly, “How-do!?”
His Kindercare teacher, who was black,
Loved all the children in her care, and they truly loved her back!
My husband’s coworkers, I loved them all,
And, as I worked in an uptown card and candy store,
I was aware that the children, who were white, usually begged and fussed for more.
The beautiful children who were black,
Were respectful,
Their parents were loving,
And guiding,
Utilizing the social experience as a mentoring situation,
Throughout their brief visit with me at the store.
They all taught me, and educated me about their culture, and who they were,
Treating me unconditionally with love, caring, and more.
Yes, I do believe, “Black Lives Matter!”

Posted on my Facebook, June 2020.

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