“Life is like a bunch of dandelions.
Some only see
an unwanted ‘weed,’
yet, its flower is so vital
with its nectar given
to the sweet honey bee!”
By Valerie J Laidlaw 4/20/21

Second version

“Life is like a bunch of dandelions,
Some only see
unwanted ‘weeds,’
floating parasols of seeds.
Yet, its flower’s so vital to livin’
with its sweet nectar given
to the busy honey bee!”
By Valerie J Laidlaw 4/20/21



By Valerie J Laidlaw

Recently, I learned my 16 year old granddaughter will be entering driver’s education. I recommended that she learn all she can about defensive driving. There is so much she will need to prepare for.

Recent events in the Minneapolis & St. Paul metropolitan area have hit me hard, as I am concerned about my grandaughters, ages 16 and 10, their mom, and their friends and friend’s families.

As a Social Worker, I’ve attended so many conferences uptown in the Twin Cities. I was impressed with the MSSA (Minnesota Social Services Association) inclusive and diverse network of services in the cities. I felt safe.

My grandaughter’s world is so much different than my 16 year old world back in 1972. Fargo, where I lived, was not even the city it is now. There had not been mass shootings in schools, movie theaters, social outlets and stores in our country. There was not that need to be hyper-vigilant. There wasn’t the fear of vulnerability that 9/11 brought to our shores. So many world events and major disasters have happened.

The masks, quarantine, and Covid-19, which resulted in the loss of my granddaughters’ Dad weren’t even imagined upon any possible horizon of our lives. Unprecedented.

There had been riots about Civil Rights and the Vietnam War. We mourned the losses Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, and his brother, Bobby. Still, most of us were naive and not shown the sad happenings shown as vividly in “real-time” media and news of today.

My 16 year old granddaughter loves to dance and play soccer. Her younger sister also loves hockey. They loved family time and travel vacations.

They are growing up brave and maturing quickly in a constantly changing world.

I really want their world to become safer, more peaceful and more full of happiness, joy, laughter, and hope!

It will take much more than a “village” to get there!

Drive safety!



Why Don’t People Understand?

Why don’t people understand? Covid-19 has not left our country. Yet, people disrespect others by wearing the “required mask” below their nose, which, in reality, only exposes others and themselves to the Covid-19. Do you really think the air going in and out of your nose is immune to the virus?
I was at the DMV to get tabs for our car. We were all spaced in line, then, in chairs, until we took turns going up to our assigned window. Several people were not wearing their masks properly over their noses. I wish there was a magic light that showed how many germs spread around those people!
As people start going into larger groups, expanding their bubbles, proceed with caution! The numbers continue to rise, there are new positive Covid-19 cases every day. There have been very few days without hospitalizations or deaths from Covid-19.
We are getting immunizations, lots of us are, yet, some still refuse, and others are still waiting. There are unknowns, we may need booster shots in the future. Some people don’t see the pandemic as serious as it is.
Others have seen the front lines of Covid-19 or it has hit them personally in the loss of a loved one.
Please show true respect and compassion for all those loved ones we have lost by doing your utmost to be vigilant and passionate about the precautions necessary to eradicate Covid-19!
Kyle’s mom,
Valerie Jean Laidlaw
April 9th, 2021


by Valerie J Laidlaw
April 7, 2021

before facebook and instagram
we connected thru myspace
sharing photos and music
and our daily thoughts
looking back now
it’s like time
i wish
i could go back
just to say “hi” to
my former self and to
the former selves of my
children and friends in those
simpler times now so long ago

“We’re All in it Together!!”

“We’re All in it Together!!”
A song for Dolly Parton
By Valerie J Laidlaw
April 3, 2021

Whenever I see the suffering
And hurt in a world
We’re livin’ in
Of course I’ll help
My family
My friends
‘Cause, We’re all in it Together!

It don’t matter where you’ve been
The country you’re from
Or the color of your skin
Young or old
Thick or thin
We’re all in it Together!

I was glad to help
To make sure we get stronger
To kick this Covid-19
In the “behinder”
Till it’s not around us
Any longer!

So I sing this song
As a reminder
We’re all in it Together!!