Why Don’t People Understand?

Why don’t people understand? Covid-19 has not left our country. Yet, people disrespect others by wearing the “required mask” below their nose, which, in reality, only exposes others and themselves to the Covid-19. Do you really think the air going in and out of your nose is immune to the virus?
I was at the DMV to get tabs for our car. We were all spaced in line, then, in chairs, until we took turns going up to our assigned window. Several people were not wearing their masks properly over their noses. I wish there was a magic light that showed how many germs spread around those people!
As people start going into larger groups, expanding their bubbles, proceed with caution! The numbers continue to rise, there are new positive Covid-19 cases every day. There have been very few days without hospitalizations or deaths from Covid-19.
We are getting immunizations, lots of us are, yet, some still refuse, and others are still waiting. There are unknowns, we may need booster shots in the future. Some people don’t see the pandemic as serious as it is.
Others have seen the front lines of Covid-19 or it has hit them personally in the loss of a loved one.
Please show true respect and compassion for all those loved ones we have lost by doing your utmost to be vigilant and passionate about the precautions necessary to eradicate Covid-19!
Kyle’s mom,
Valerie Jean Laidlaw
April 9th, 2021

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