In my dreams…

My dream,

I just saw Kyle in my dream. I was supposed to talk somewhere, and was preparing. He asked how I was doing?

I said, “It has been hard, not to do the speech, but missing you, and you not being here.”

He reached over a rail as I faced him. The scene appeared like we were in a dark, velvet-seated theater. He held my left hand with his right. I felt the warmth.

I knew, in the dream, I could not tell anyone, but Enid, who recently lost Tug. Not in so many words, she believed me.

I knew I was to keep this to myself, the dream was so vivid, and Kyle was smiling! I felt his kind, caring, compassion. He looked like he did at his hooding ceremony, in a robe.

His hand had hugged me, and the rail was a barrier.

I l♡ve you, Kyle! Thank you for visiting me in my dreams.

See you!


Dear Grandchildren (100)

Dear Grandchildren,

Merry Christmas, 2021! We had a quiet day at home. GrpaRick and I completed the photo of Jaci, Charlee, Layla & Mabel with Kyle, and we emailed it to Jaci.

They will probably use it for their late Christmas cards. They turned out really nice, they look pretty in the photo.

Visited with Aunt Kaira on the phone. She had a nice mini-vacation for the last couple nights with some friends, so she was tired and happy to be home, again.

It snowed most of the day, so we had a super white, “White Christmas,” with a sparkling, new white blanket of fresh, fluffy snow.

I hope you all had a fun couple days with friends and family, my grandchildren. My thoughts and love are always with you!



Dear Grandchildren (99)

Dear Grandchildren,

Christmas eve. GrpaRick and I left Little Canada, Jaci, Charlee & Layla at about 9 am. We drove thru for a coffee, latte ,and two breakfast sandwiches. We saw the car in front of us finish their order, then pass some money to the window, which looked like a tip. When we drove up the cost of our order was half as much as the car ahead of us had paid half of our bill. So we tipped the gal working at the window.

We did some last minute shopping, let the dogs out, and then went to GrpaRick’s mom, Bertha’s place. We were early. Josh, Sommer, and Breeze were early too. Nick showed up next, then a cousin of GrpaRick’s, Scott, showed up after Nick. Cheryl prepared much of the tables, table cloths, dishes, fruit, salad, and pizzas. Wine and water were served.

Matt and Amanda brought their dog Lucy, who was very curious about the baby.

Bertha held Breeze quite a bit. She teased Josh & Sommer when they were leaving, “If you have too much to carry out, you can leave the baby here.” Breeze smiled alot.

It was a nice Christmas eve. First time for Bertha to see her “great-grandchild,” Breeze!

I hope your Christmas is as wonderful as you all are, my grandchildren!



Dear Grandchildren (97)

Dear Grandchildren,

Today, it was sunny and cold. GrpaRick worked on the photos for Josh, Sommer, and Breeze most of the day off and on. The photos are now on a flashdrive so they can make Christmas cards.

I received an implant tooth. The dentist screwed it onto the peg. Afterwards, they took an xray of it. My $5K tooth. I mailed off another payment.

Tomorrow, we are leaving early for the cities. Wish we could bring Kooper. Josh will swing by to help with the dogs while we are gone.

We hope the roads will be good to and from the cities!

Hope you are all healthy, safe, and snug in your homes tonight, my grandchildren, and warm, as winter officially begins.



Dear Grandchildren (96)

Dear Grandchildren,

We had a fun day posting photos from Josh, Sommer & Breeze’s photo-shoot. I would add them here but my site here temporarily won’t post photos. If you have access to facebook, you may look there.

I was very happy how Breeze’s purple dress showed up nicely in the photos, plus the sled with the lantern.

Not much else happened today. We woke up to another fluffy snowfall covering everything. It is beautiful when the snow sparkles in the sun.

Tomorrow, I go in early to get a tooth implant. It is a back molar. I already have a post installed which the implant will screw down upon.

Thursday. we will be going to see Jaci, Charlee & Layla to take their photos, and go to eat out at Kyle’s favorite restaurant. It will be a different holiday season as Kyle was such a big part of the Christmas celebrations of the past.

I hope you will read about Kyle and who he was in all of our lives, look at photos, watch movies and videos he was in, and enjoy all of our memories of Kyle. He will always be a big part of who we all are. I love you, my grandchildren, always and forever!



Dear Grandchildren (95)

Dear Grandchildren,

Today is a sunny day. December 20th, a year ago my mom, GrgmaViv passed. It is my hope that you will some day read her story on my blog about who she was. I wrote it from her viewpoint.

It was a blessing last year that she passed. She had suffered from Alzheimers and Dementia for several years. Even through those years, she kept her wonderful sense of humor and her sweetness alive. I miss her and all of the wonderful things she did throughout her lifetime. Each of you are a part of her carrying forth into the future!

She always was non-judgemental and reassured me that everything will turn out okay as long as I tried to do my best! I believe that to be true. You, my grandchildren, should believe in your hearts that you are “enough” and you are wonderful and loved just as you are!



Dear Grandchildren (94)

Dear Grandchildren,

Today was a busy day of sewing Breeze’s purple dress. I layered the skirt with purple tulle, purple metalic fabric, 2 layers of yellow tulle, blue satin for a lining. The bodice was lined, the sleeves were not. A metalic gold ribbon was sewn across the bottom of the bodice, and a purple zipper finished the dress.

GrpaRick set up a backdrop behind Josh & Sommer’s tree, added lights and camera. There were many precious photos taken of the young family for Breeze’s first Christmas! We are sure to post them this week!

I hope you all have a wonderful, Christmas week, my grandchildren! Sweet Dreams!



Dear Grandchildren (93)

Dear Grandchildren,     

Our day started out quiet, our usual Saturday routine. I cut out some material for a sparkly purple dress for Breeze which I hope to sew tomorrow. I planned on sewing it today.

Plans changed…both Sommer and Josh needed their boosters for their Covid-19 immunizations, today. We went to be with Breeze at almost 3pm while they went to get their shots, then tgey walked around the mall, ate, and picked up a supper for us on tgeir way home. Breeze is sitting up more, smiling and laughing. She drank a bottle, napped, played, and had two diaper changes while we were there. When they arrived back home, Breeze was ready for another bottle.

It was a beautiful, full moon tonight. We stopped at Walmart and another store on the way home. The pups were happy we came home. I should add, Kooper was happy, but he does bark to tell us off, first.

I hope you are flexible in your day-to-day schedules, my grandchildren, so you can cherish life’s many precious moments. As the years unfold in your lives, you will see how precious and special some times had been. Breeze will change, and grow up quickly, as have many of you already. Some of you have faced hardships at an age I had hoped you would not have had to face them. I am so proud of you! As your Grandma, I always feel hurt whenever you feel hurt or are suffering. That is love.