Squirrel Tale: Moreso

Squirrel Tale: Moreso

By Valerie Jean Laidlaw

As the buds in the trees shed their nutty shells,

I see the squirrel has a further tale to tell.

Scurrying, and streaking randomly through the branches,

Like a silver metal ball in a pinball machine flipping and springing with rebounded chances,

Little “Red” pauses to bulk up, stretching, reaching, and posing in inverted, arobatic stances.

Focusing again on this adapted “tailess” wonder,

My camera captures further more results of “Red’s” former conflict he or she had fought.

The obvious loss of the plumage of the tail was noticeably taught.

Yet, the left foreleg and paw had also been detached in battle,

Which Red had fought, suffered, miraculously lived through,

Adapting beautifully “Moreso” than I had previously perceived or believed.

With only nature’s healing, and a will to survive,

Present in keeping this inspirational, “Warrior Critter” alive.

Cardinal Love Song

Cardinal Love Song

By Valerie J. Laidlaw

Two notes sing forth from a distant tree, Over a dozen times, repeatedly.

A few echoing calls respond from the west, Then, they stop, and rest.

Later, as the morning sun rises above, The Cardinal shouts out his melody of love.

Up from the highest branch, he sings, To his lady love, whom he brings.



By Valerie J Laidlaw

Sometimes, the clouds look like angels, Dancing and floating across the sky.

In feathery-soft sheer gowns, Adorned by wings with which they fly.

Through my imagination, they’re so sweet, As they peacefuly float on by.

I am truly calmed, and comforted within my heart and soul, Beyond any reasoning of “what” or “how” or “why.”