“Her Green Eyes”


“Her Green Eyes”

By Valerie Jean Laidlaw

My mom (Vivian) often told my aunt (Muriel), the artist,

That she saw the world through “rose-colored glasses.”

They both appreciated nature and its multi-faceted beauty,

Even while living through,

The “Depression” and “World War Two,”

As young, rural, small-town prairie lasses.

My mom, however, worked harder, and saw more difficulties of life,

She helped others to survive when faced with their shortcomings and strife.

As time passed and when she retired as she was able,

She loved serving her family whenever they visited around her kitchen table.

In retrospect, she only had a brief moment of time,

Where she could sit and watch her hummingbirds,

And listen to a Cardinal’s song,

The melodies of distant church bell music,

And, the soft tones from her favorite windchimes.

She loved the tulips and “glads” as they greeted her each spring,

And her musicals, plays, and the “little ditty” songs she’d sing.

Even though my mom is now gone,

Through her “green eyes” I still envision

Her world so full of such beauty,

With strength of her spirit, all along,

Beyond her struggles, she always faced her days with a song.