“It isn’t indicated as such”

“It isn’t indicated as such”

By Valerie J. Laidlaw

Kyle and I, and Charlee, and I am not sure who else, were at a downtown restaurant with a small, one-way parking lot. One enters, then, angles in to park. Afterwards, squeeze out with little “wiggle room,”and exit forward onto a left turning one-way street.
After eating, we loaded up, and Kyle drove forward towards the exit as a gal, perhaps college age, entered the exit. After a wait, and a brief exchange of words, she refused to back-up. Kyle tried to explain how narrow the lot was, and where the entrance was, how all of the parked vehicles were angled closely together so they can back out and easily exit through the driveway she had just entered. She would not budge, blocking our exit. Fortunately, no one else was leaving or entering the parking lot at the time. Kyle had to awkwardly back and angle out to the entrance of the lot. As he started to do so she drove up and pinned him again during his manuever to back out. He had to explain again that she had to wait a little longer, so we could get out and then she could drive and park as she pleased. Kyle was super patient, with an “under the radar” frustration in dealing with someone who “just did not get it!” We finally got out, backwards, and on our way, and her repeated one-line response throughout the entire encounter was, “It isn’t indicated as such!”