By Valerie J Laidlaw

There was a shadow,

An intrusion.

It took away the joy,

The futures,

And happiness,

Of our children’s bright young lives.

It took away mothers,

Teachers, and students.

Plus, that shadow caused,

A father, and husband,

So riddled with grief,

Of the wife, he had lost,

His broken heart gave up.

So many families,

Lost so much from this tragedy.

Like a horrendous storm cloud,

With thunder and lightning,

Barging in, on a quiet day,

Stealing our sunshine,

Painfully away.

We must join together in their memory

Carrying forth their lights,

Never letting them fade,

Or be forgotten.

Where Are We Safe?

Where are we safe?

By Valerie J Laidlaw

Recently, I hear increased gunfire in a range nearby going on.

People who have legally learned to responsibly possess and use their weapons.

So many of us feel a heightened sense of nervousness and unrest, lately.

Firearms are plentiful where a population hunts pheasants, deer and wildlife.

There are rules, regulations, trust, and respect among them.

Even fishing has its rules and limitations.

Nowhere should it be necessary to arm oneself as a citizen of our country…

With massive assault weapons and clips of ammo,

Destroying another person’s right to live in peace and safety!

It is not a sign of bravery.

It is a sign of weakness.

It is not a moment of fame.

It is only a time of sadness and shame.

It is not a skill,

There is no thrill to massively kill.

If someone feels the temptation to do so…

Please don’t harm innocent children and defenseless persons!

Don’t purchase the weapon!

If you did,

Give it to someone else to lock up,

So your impulses will not turn into action.

Seek help!