October Mourn

October Mourn

By Valerie J Laidlaw

I experience a calm, quiet, windless, cloudy morning.

A plane hums across the Northern horizon, As a crescent moon smiles at me overhead, from the Eastern sky.

My Aussie, Kooper, gently rustles the leaves as he makes his rounds, checking out the perimeters of our yard.

Kooper barks, then howls looking for his neighbor dog, Baba, who is still inside.

He comes to me, for me to scratch his ears, then he bends down in gratitude, to lick my cold, aged feet.

The trees are still. Another neighbor’s workshop light shines through a barren tree.

Our yards are lit by a neighbor’s floodlight, extinguishing my solar garden’s cross.

Early commuters are driving along a highway in the distance.

Silence, overcomes me. I am at such a loss, today.

I am yet unable to praise, sing, or pray.

I sip my morning glass of orange juice, thinking of my daily tasks yet to do.

The clouds in the East are becoming highlighted with a pinkish hue.

I go inside, and my warm plaid robe is set aside, as I wait in the warmth for the sun to rise.

My husband sends me an “early bird” vision…and another…and a call.

Good Morning!

Good Morning!

That Girl Named Leona

“That Girl named Leona”
By Valerie J. Laidlaw
(aka Lala)

As a child…
Leona had soft, cornsilk hair,
Three brothers to love, and a baby sister in her care.

Always, she had a soft, listening heart and ear,
And a kind, loving soul, and a sensitivity
So “Puhr.”

She embraced friends and family
All as one,
Loved music, bowling, and just having fun.

Her heart ached…
As she lost her friends, family, and her son,
Yet, she truly believed Jesus was there for her loved ones,
And was alongside them in heaven.
She cherished and appreciated all of the joy
In the time she was given.

House of Bad Manor

“House of Bad Manor”

A Lord rode astride his armored white horse,
Traveling on in a South-eastern course.
The crowd cheered to him, as he arrived at “King’s Gate,”
Searching the grounds for his “Love, Future Bride, and Soulmate.”

A Lady arrived in her carriage ornate,
Entering the Festival through the Western, “Queen’s Gate.”

The “Lovely Vision” appeared,
As the sun beamed upon her and her carriage.
The two met near the house of “Bad Manor.”
He dismounted, kneeled, and asked for her Honor,
Of Love, and her hand in a Marriage.

Valerie J Laidlaw, 10/04/2015

At the MN Renaissance Fair