By Valerie J Laidlaw

A fresh blanket of pure white snow.

A peaceful quiet surrounds me.

I sit outside cloaked in my plush robe

Sipping a granny mug of warmed coffee

Spiked with a caramel monster java.

The moon and a few stars shine

In a fading dark blue, predawn sky

White fluffy clouds like clumps of quilt batting

Float eastward in the breeze.

The scraping sound breaks the silence

As a neighbor shovels his walk.

My Aussie howls to respond to a distant bark.

The sparrows are still asleep

As are the squirrels and bunnies

Still burrowed under the shed.

A winter world is waking up

As the sun slowly rises

Time to go inside

To warm up and wait

Till a new day begins,



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