by Valerie J Laidlaw

once we were

making a piñata

with colored tissue paper

on a balloon


a little duster

swirled in

grasping the balloon

and the colored tissue

in a beautful array

then away

off into sky

it was amazing

like a spirit

it left us

it was gone

as quckly

as it had arrived

as if the


and its

colorful tissues

went into heaven

life is like that!

Breeze & Boppa

Breeze & Boppa

By Valerie J. Laidlaw

Breeze loves her “Boppa,”

And, she knows he loves her, too!

She dances and sings, “Boppa”

And, screams with such excitement,

When he calls “Grma” on the phone.

She knows he’s coming over,

Through the door into her home.

She likes his hat and whiskers,

And, they always share a smile,

“Boppa’s” coming for a visit,

For a long or little while.

There’s a special bond

Between them,

Breeze and “Boppa” style!