Advice for Guys on Online Dating Sites

Weeding through the dating sites, I have been really surprised by the profiles out there.
If you are thinking of developing a profile, here you go…
Make sure you have a nice photo.
1) Ditch the photos of you and your exes. Don’t even try to doctor the photo up by trimming her off.
2) Forget the muscle shirts or tank tops. A white “Wife-beater” shirt with armpits showing isn’t that attractive even with a “six-pack.”
3) Take off your sunglasses so your eyes are visible.
4) Trim up your hair and beard. I like to see the contours of your face. Most gals agree.
5) If you wear a hat, fine! Don’t be afraid to show what you look like without a hat. Eventually, your date is going to see your bald or receding hairline. Better to be honest right away.
6) Check the background of your photo. I zoomed in on one and it showed a cluttered, dirty kitchen. Really? I wonder what that person is looking for, a maid?
7) Show a good balance in time management. Make sure your profile shows that you have time to give to a relationship.
8) Don’t just talk about you, show that you are interested in who she is, too.
9) Don’t expect to find a perfect person…you have flaws and imperfections, so be “real.” Be glad if she is, too.
10) Don’t write a book. Discovery is a fun part of getting to know each-other.


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