Five more tips for a Single Guy’s Dating Site Profile

Here are some more tips;
1) Edit your profile. Use spell-check. If you have some difficulty with the written language of the site, have someone knowledgeable review your grammar and the message you are trying tell a prospective date.
2) Okay, I like fishing and can clean and filet a fish, but I am looking for a man to date. Make sure your main profile photo shows who you are foremost. A nice smile, visible eyes, truthfulness.
3) “Legally separated” does not indicate to me that you are legally free to date and look forward to a real commitment. Complete the divorce and legal battleground first. You may have several bridges to cross yet, and you need to recover from the past marriage/relationship before dragging someone else into your life. Let’s be fair!
4) Again, don’t look too busy with your free time. Your new love will have some time commitments as will you. If you spend every weekend with your buddies and with your family where is there going to be time together now or in the long term? Look squarely at this, as everything will quickly “self-destruct” if you cannot find and give a fair balance of time to the relationship.
5) Complete the profile questions. Look at it as a stranger would. Does it really show who you are? Who are you trying to find and attract to you? Don’t write too much…you don’t want to sound boring or too egocentric. (all about yourself)


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