There are many fundraising and awareness activities surrounding Breast Cancer. My mom, Vivian, is a survivor of 35 years! She was in her 50’s when she found a lump. Initially, the doctor thought the lump was benign. The tests showed otherwise. After surgery, she decided that if she is going to live she would start roller skating, again. That was something she had loved as a teenager.
I joined her from Wisconsin at the time, with my firstborn baby, whom I was still nursing. As I was her only daughter, she was glad I was there. She showed me her scars, explained the draining tubes, and the process she was going through. She felt more “balanced” whenever she wore her customized prosthetic in her bra. The cancer had not spread into the lymph nodes which had been removed and tested, so she opted against chemo-therapy. Whenever she has a cut or injury on her left arm or hand she receives anti-biotic shots.
At the Hotel Donaldson in Fargo, once a year, there are bras strung from the rooftop down covering the entire building. Other towns do similar awareness activities. There are football games where all of the players wear pink jerseys.
Attached are photos of a Pink Firetruck located in North Dakota. It’s name, appropriately is Vivian.



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