My 1st Limerick

By Valerie J Laidlaw

Years ago, the Fargo Forum had a Limerick contest for St. Patrick’s Day

I don’t win, but my Limerick was in the newspaper with some of the other entries.

From there, I noticed there was a Limerick page on a Website in Norway. I sent a few there which were posted. That evolved into a page devoted to my Limericks, plus, other poems I have written over the next several years.

The heading on my page on a website in Norway
My first photo on the page
Description of who I am
The First Limerick

“There once lived in Fargo a Laddy,
Whose birthday was Isle of Eire’s St. Patty.
Although Norski by trait –
Irish cakes were his fate –
Labeled ‘Artie O’Kolle’; my Daddy”

A cake I order today to be delivered for a birthday tomorrow.
How I celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
Last year with my grandson Ryan
Muriel’s “Renaissance” Menu with a Green Tint.
Me, Valerie & my husband, Richard Laidlaw.

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