Reasons to get Covid-19 Immunization Vaccines

By Valerie J Laidlaw

There’s so much misinformation out there, please don’t let it sidestep you from getting immunized.

1. You do not want to go through so much suffering, hospitalization, after effects, and possibly death.

2. You do not want to cause someone else go through so much suffering, hospitalization, after effects, and possibly death.

3. The Healthcare systems were like a warzone. Many Healthcare workers are suffering from battle fatigue. They were also at risk, as were their families.

4. Historically, we have started immunizations for polio, diphtheria, measles, mumps, hepatitis, so we could eradicate those diseases, and get them under control. Covid-19 is highly contagious, as we have seen, this helps to bring the numbers down.

5. Our loved ones want and need those hugs! My mom’s nursing home was on lockdown. There were about 30 residents. I saw her in February for her birthday. Then, we were quarantined. I saw her and my mother-in-law few times through windows. Last fall, she was failing, so Hospice started to see her. We were masked up and were able to visit as she was “dying.” When she improved our visitation was ceased, only to begin the day she was dying. I was unable to be there as I had a headcold that day. She passed away on December 20, 2020. The time period in between my last visit and her last day, she was moved from her wing and back, as her wing temporarily became a Covid-19 wing where 10 residents passed away. My mom never caught Covid-19. She had advanced Alzheimer’s and Dementia, which was the factor in her passing. Eventually, she was going to go. Indirectly, she was affected by Covid-19, which isolated her throughout her last year.

My sons, daughter, daughter-in-laws and grandchildren were cut off from visits. Pre-quarantine many of us got together at a hotel swimming pool and a restaurant. That ended up as the last hugs and face-to-face visits for much of 2020 and into 2021. That day was the very last hug and face-to-face visit I will ever have with my oldest son, as he fought and lost the Covid-19 battle on December 23, 2020. I am not alone in my loss of a family member. Some families were “wiped out” with few surviving in their family unit.

6. Immunizations are more consistent. Many people don’t follow good decisions, rules, or judgement. Because of that, we are more vulnerable and susceptible to Covid-19. Too soon, they don’t socially distance themselves. Masks are used improperly, covering only their mouths, and not their noses. Masks are not worn at all. People don’t wash or sanitize properly. These inconsistencies are a reason to fortify oneself with immunizations, yet, we all still need to carry on these practices until more of us are immune. Flattening the curve, totally. There are other outbreaks happening in evolving viruses, so these practices of masks, distancing and sanitary practices still need to happen. “Universal Precautions” have been taught and have been in practice a long time, so let’s just continue to be vigilent.

7. Management of practices are also inconsistent. Politics from region to region, state to state, cause inconsistancies. Some tested positive and had no symptoms, yet, the worker was told to work. Some had symptoms, tested and results came days later, and that person was told to work until test results come back. This mismanagement caused others to be exposed. Not everyone can win in the battle of Covid-19, and that exposure caused harm and ultimately unecessary death.

Lastly, I don’t want to cause anyone to suffer from Covid-19. I want everyone to ultimately live a more fulfilling quality of life. I used to be a blood donor. I have had cancer and major surgerical procedures. Some medical issues are unavoidable. With vaccines and safe practices, Covid-19 can be averted and avoided. I hope this helps even one person decide to get immunized.

With the Utmost Sincerity, Valerie J Laidlaw, March 23, 2021, date of my first Covid-19 Immunization, 3 months to the day following the loss of my first-born son, Kyle, from Covid-19.

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